Who am I? Why am I here??

Hello all, So… it’s Thursday morning and I am sitting in the office of South East Enterprise (http://www.seenterprise.co.uk/) on a ‘Blogging for Business course’ trying to figure out what on earth I am going to blog about, how often I am going to blog and who exactly my audience is that I am blogging for….. So here goes:

1) Who am I??  

Hi all, my name is Natalie and I am the founder of ATA Care.  At this moment in time I have a website with no content, a Twitter account with no Tweets and a Facebook page with no friends, I’m basically a start-up company on the verge of a new identity! I was made redundant 23 days ago (not that I’m counting) from a charity where I provided activity sessions for children and young people with learning disabilities in Greenwich, so now I am just trying to figure out who I am in the world…

2) Why am I here??

For most of my working life I have provided activities for people with and without disabilities  so it makes sense that when faced with impending unemployment I revert to what I know.  The name ATA Care stands for ‘Activities, Therapies, Advocacy, Care’ and I am hoping that as I progress, ATA Care will encompass each of these areas.  I aim to:

  • Set up activities for children, young people and adults with disabilities in Greenwich and surrounding boroughs
  • Provide 1:1 and group therapies (Rebound Therapy, LEGO Therapy, ABA Therapy) or 1:1 care in the community
  • Offer advocacy and advice for people with disabilities and their families, including disability benefits (PIP, DLA, Blue Badge, Freedom Pass, Cinema Card, etc)

3) Who am I blogging for??

  • As a former young carer of a sister with profound needs, I am writing for those who have the privilege of having someone with additional needs in their family, circle of friends or somewhere in their lives.
  • As a professional, I am writing for other professionals working within the learning disability field, hopefully to give them advice, tips and guidance in their chosen field of work
  • As a qualified Trampoline Coach, Rebound Therapist, Hoop Dance Instructor, Lego Therapist and (soon to be) ABA Therapist, I am writing for those interested in specific activities and will offering guidance about the benefits of specific therapies, tips of how to implement them at home and just general advice on what they are and where to get more information

– Basically, I am writing for anyone interested in: Activities, Disabilities and Therapies

4) How often will I be entering my thoughts into the Bloggasphere??

Lets start with monthly and see how it goes…. Well, I think that has answered all of the main questions people may have, please tune in (is that the right terminology?!!) next month…

Take care!

– Natalie

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