Hello Again… Let’s talk about free cinema tickets


So, my first promise on this blog was to write monthly and in the first month I fail! Sorry!  My fingers have been typing overtime, but at least I have managed to get this out while we are still in the month of May….

AnywaCEA Card logo for free cinema tickets blog post y, so May’s blog instalment is featuring the ‘Advocacy’ part of ATA Care is going to offer a bit of advice about the CEA Cinema card

The CEA (Cinema Exhibitors Association) card is a provision for disabled cinema-goers to receive a complementary ticket for someone to go with them, such as a parent, carer, friend or personal assistant. The CEA card is the cinema’s way of providing ‘reasonable adjustments’ as part of the Equality Act 2010.

Hmmm… Free cinema tickets! How much does that cost??

As the CEA card is an actual printed card (the size of a credit or debit card) with a printed photo of the card holder on it, CEA charge an admin/processing fee of £6.00 per year.  Once this is paid and your card arrives, you can start using it at the cinema!  It entitles you to one complementary ticket when you purchase a full price ticket

How do I know if I am eligible?

At the time of this blog post (May 2015), people with the following benefits are eligible:

  1. Disability Living Allowance (DLA);
  2. Attendance Allowance (AA);
  3. Blind Persons Registration;
  4. Personal Independence Payment (PIP); and
  5. Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP).

Applications can be made for anyone aged 8 and over who meet this criteria

Great! So how can I get one?
CEA Card logo for free cinema tickets blog post

Firstly go onto the CEA website: https://www.ceacard.co.uk/index.aspx or click on the linked picture (—–>) and follow their instructions.

Applications can be made through:

  1. A full online application 
    • Make sure you have a passport-style photo (or appropriate selfie) and a scanned copy of your eligibility document saved on your computer

CEA Card Application Form

  1. Part Online-Part Postal
    • This option is good if you do not have a suitable photo and/or scanned eligibility documents saved on your computer. You have to fill in the online form, print it and then send that along with your documents and £6.00 cheque or postal order to CEA
  1. Full Postal Application 
    • You can either download their form or request a blank form from your local cinema.  Fill it in and send it off with a photo, your eligibility documents and a £6.00 cheque or postal order

Download CEA Application Form online for postal application

Anything else?
That’s it! Send it off and wait.  Your card will be with you soon!

Happy cinema-going!


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